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Gallery - Index -> Categorie: Year Six -> Observed and Hanzo's 911 Call
Observed and Hanzo's 911 Call
Filename: WoWScrnShot_120509_223637_779.jpg

Description: On the evening this screenshot was taken, Blainne and Crasian asked Hanzo if he was interested in taking part in a 10-Man Algalon kill. "Should be quick", they said, "Just in and out."

As the hour of attempts began, a few simple mistakes were being made near the end that were causing silly wipes. Luckily, everyone present was able to adjust and quickly improve.

About 20 minutes in (remember, you only get 1 hour per week on Algalon), as they were preparing another pull, Hanzo's daughter came into the computer room,

"Dad, there's a homeless person at the door, he says he needs an ambulance..."

Hanzo quickly yelled into vent, "Uhh....brb", and ran to the front door. There on his doorstep, a man dressed in filthy clothes was clutching his chest, drooling, and gasping for air, " ambulance".

Hanzo grabbed the phone, dialed 911, and explained that there was a homeless person on his doorstep possibly suffering from a heart-attack. Within a minute of hanging up the phone, Ambulance sirens blared to life (Hanzo lives in the city), and only a few more minutes passed before 11 paramedics were flooding his living room, hooking the homeless person up to monitors and checking for vital signs.

Hanzo watched in disbelief as the paramedics continued to work on the homeless person, making sure everything was alright, and if he was well-enough to be moved. Finally, they were able to cart the man out the door and down to the awaiting Ambulance on the street.

Hanzo then stumbled back into his computer room, sat down, and spoke into Vent,

"Sorry about that guys, I uh.....had a homeless person on my doorstep having a heart-attack, and had to call 911, and am Ambulance came with 11 paramedics that checked him out and then took him to the Hospital."

...there was silence on vent for a moment, then someone said, "Oh my he going to be ok?"

"Yeah...yeah, I think so", replied Hanzo.


".....ok, well....should we do this?"

"Yeah, I think I am ready now."

And so ends the story of Hanzo's first kill of Algalon the Observer (10-Player).

Dec 5, 2009.
Uploaded by: Hanzo
Uploaded on: 2010-11-09 17:27:44
Visited: 2312x
Resolution: 1680 x 1050
Picture URL:
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