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Gallery - Index -> Categorie: Year One -> Elephantine & Graulm
Elephantine & Graulm
Filename: WoWScrnShot_032505_234242_31.jpg

Description: The guild leader poses on Elephantine alongside Graulm, the Orc Warlock.

Hanzo originally met Graulm while playing Elephantine in Stranglethorn Vale, and aggressively pursued him to be recruited into DoD. At long last, Graulm obliged, and soon rose to become Hanzo's 2nd-in-command, bringing with him previous Guild Management experience from EverQuest.

Graulm (also from Denver) advised Hanzo on a great number of guild fundamentals, such as the creation/maintenance of a guild bank (there were no guild vaults in WoW at the time), as well as an 'viewable-only-by-officers' forum, so that upper management could more easily discuss problematic issues with the guild, free from politics that would have otherwise caused massive drama. This latter decision would be one of the first "shocking" changes to DoD, which caused many players to become uneasy with the state of the guild and where we were headed.

Graulm also guided Hanzo through a number of strategic assimilations of other fragmented guilds on Deathwing, bolstering our ranks and putting us in a position to eventually run 40-Man raids.

Over time, Graulm grew dissatisfied with focus that DoD had shifted to regarding the prioritization of PvE content, and had a number of clashes with up-and-coming officer material, eventually leaving the guild early in the 1st expansion. However, his contributions to the shaping of the guild are still felt to this day.

Graulm is one of the most important players in the history of Descendants of Draenor.

Mar 25, 2005
Uploaded by: Hanzo
Uploaded on: 2010-11-03 08:33:31
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